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TIME: Well Spent

You’ve added time points to your Master Key Access account which let’s you in at the pre-launch rate of $5 a week.

  • (there is a 4 week minimum for orientation and testing.)
  • (your session begins on the date on your ticket, the next new moon)

Our Next 4 Week Orientation BEGINS 9 July 2021 – 50 seats only SOLD OUT

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You need to use the next 4 weeks to get yourself and anyone else you know on the waiting list. If you bring a group of 50 accounts, there is a change to have a second or third leader take another group of 50 through the orientation.


Access Keys moves us forward in the underworld of game development.

If you are a skilled or an amateur game developer, we want to contact you.

The rest of us are here to have fun backstage and learn about the world of entertainment opportunity.

Beginning on the NEXT New Moon, take an hour 5 days a week, take 2 days off to think about everything. Do something different with your life in the multibillion industry of game development.

We Next Generation Game Developers.

We build from the ground up, hire organic talent, and use game theory in what we hope will be part of the 224 billion global gaming industrial complex.

We’re Motivated Mentored and Use Idea Platforms

Basically, have a positive energy products, or services, books or cocktails, and present them to MKA for review. Join the review board. Goes through artificial intelligence training and add yourself to the database of winners. Once in the Club you can use the PASS OR PLAY system to vote up ideas.

We have a vast field of Domains with Business Plans for many kinds of custom leaseholders or operator/users. Chances are we have something for you to develop into a great side hustle. There are lots to gain and do if billions in game development is not your chief interest.