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What Do I Do?

While groups of 50 go through this month, like they did before you, they used the time to get ready. In just 4 weeks, you will have more spirit for life, more intelligence and tricks of mind powers, more emotional control over making happiness a daily habit, a better stronger less pain flexible body, and more energy in your bank account.

  1. Ready your Schedule (plan to spend 60 minutes a day 5 days a week with weekends off)
  2. Set your Goals (Double everything, enthusiasm, street smarts, joy creating, feeling great, power in the bank account)
  3. Go for broke (Since you are going through with 50 others there is a healthy competition with your peers)

Some of the 50 who get through 4 weeks of bootcamp will move on to be leaders. A leader is the coach and mentor for a classroom of 50 new Master Key Access beginners.

There are hundreds of programs to earn from after you have your Master Key Access.

The orientation shows you how to evaluate and judge any program for if it is right for you.

The Master Key Access is for people who want to work around people with a similar ethic, others who deserve the Key because they qualified for the Key in the same way we all have to do.

The best and only time big money chances happened for regular working folks is when they get in at the beginning with it is relatively cheap. It buy a successful game company, is hundreds of millions of dollars. To create a game company is millions of dollars, a small faction as buying an existing business. With the one you develop yourself with investors you are taking a chance and gambling that people will love it long time.

Master Key Access is knowing that we have shared the qualities for personal success during orientation moon with everyone in the club. We can speak on the same page. We can vote and talk and influence is welcome. You are on the team of game developers for a reason, to express your opinion.


The well-published author of Think and Grow Rich n.hill spoke of a mastermind group all successful people had. If you don’t have one, you need one, no debate. Do it now. If you can’t have a master mind group set up a meeting time, guess what? You can imagine it. The ideas is if no one is there to support or logically work thinks through with you in a mastermind group, you can sit and meditate one into existence in your mind’s eye. You will never be alone. You can have a copy of everyone you love and respect alive or dead in your mental master mind game. Sometimes, there is something profound to be gained in these mediations, not always. But they are people in your mind (for a time a moment) that give you peace and not war of commitment and design.

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