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DAY #4

This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Mid Week energy according to the gravitational effect of the moon on the water bodies on earth [and in us who are mostly made of water based fluids.]

The Dream of the New Moon is the Goal for celebration on the Full Moon. All living animals feel the excitement of the Full Moon where everything that has eyes for tens of millions of years, daylight creatures, finally get some time to see in the night by the light of the moon.

You are one quarter of the way to completing a goal on the full moon that may connect with a dream you remember in the three days around the new moon. These dreams are connected to your mind and your mind is connected to the earth moon and suns major gravity fields. There is no escaping it.

Your energy level always follow the heavy gravity bodies and you have no free will in this regard.

1/4 means you can look at the rate of results so far. Then you can see how much energy you need for the last 3 parts coming up to the Full moon or two weeks.

Why are we making a goal for 2 weeks away?

Because from full moon and first quarter we have a process to perform that successful creatures do. From last quarter to the next new moon there is an activity that, if any living creature at all, denies doing it, they will set that creature into a cycle of extinction. Humans fail this last one all the time.

The way to look at the 4 weeks is this. Spring Seeding, Cultivating, Harvesting, Restoration. Therefore, set up the activity for a habit, work the habit or former habit upgrade, reap the rewards and make records of calculation, turn everything off and think nothing about it for the last week. Wait as the dreams near the new moon become more lucid. You know you are dreaming. Flashes of direction and clues to a message is being delivered in a quantum state of mind while dreaming. Command yourself to wake up and remember your dreams once a month. Write down the seemingly irrelevant information, symbols and dialog. Later it will become more meaningful as the month unfolds.


You can disregard the previous information. It is easy to dismiss it as pseudo-meta-science. There is no proof because there are no studies made. How does one test the gravity and or light and or magnetic fields on the mind and then on dreams? You don’t. This is coming from antidotal experiences from experimenters and people who practice to grow their understanding of how to use it.


Today we look at the Third Item on the list from the Video we watch on Day 1.