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MKA System

Change happens with or without us.

Perfection, is 89% so there is 11% free of the plan to move forward.

Awesome results are when 8 out of 9 people say the same thing, either yes or no.

Master Key Access is a portal to z better version of you, if zhat’s zomething you are interested in having. You can be za zillion different versions depending only on a zimple thing. That zimple thing is who you “accidently” bump into.

Everyone older can look in their past and tell you of a time they met a person who starting them down a different path to success and failure. Zhis is Zee end of your journey. OK Z joke is enough. This Z is from A to Z. The Z plan, our last chance, the big one, only one time left to do this, the present. The founder who knows from helping millions see more of something real right under their noses. A moustache.

Do you have any control over your destiny? Probably not.

All fate become destiny, as soon as you focus.

We proactive positive realization of something profitable and needed in the world.

Fate looks after you, while you sleep and when you’re not living focused on your creating your destiny.

As you zig-zag through life in the matrix world, no matter what anyone tells you, your life is on a path that gets better, or worse. Sometimes life is like a boat rocking on the rough seas or even the few storms. Learn to navigate the sea of the mind. There is no life experienced without the mind. The sea of consciousness has a flow we need experience in seeing. This predicts the most likely near future.

Master Key Access opens doors to 89% of what the community needs to create a better version of life for everyone.

If you were to turn a corner on a walk and meet the love of your life, he or she is wonderful, wealthy and generous. Would your life change at all?

Would you think that the delay which happened 20 minutes before, which you reacted to, was needed for you to bump into the person who changes your life with you? This is the nature of the matrix.

Better if you call this planet the holodeck on the enterprise. Not to loose your head in creative reality, but as a metaphor it is amazing to see the coincidence with “change for the better” and “bumping into someone new”, and cool.

MKA system does both overt and covert ways to aid in learning our lessons.

First is delayed gratification.

The gateway. You must be a person known by 2 people we previously know. There are three people responsible for assisting you.

If at the gateway you are a stranger to the system, we have to verify you. After verification you will be creating your own group to go through on the next New Moon Session.

For New People without a sponsor or endorser.

  • You will need to remain on in a waiting group.
  • The group must reach 50 seats filled.
  • If that number is not reached then short groups are combined to reach 50.