There is no compensation plan. Instead there is a system that tallies up all positive activity your account performs toward the benefit of the company or organization. No two stipend or reward values are alike. A major time saver is there is no complex comp plan to learn and teach.

There are no products other than Master Key Access time.

There are no services and no shopping carts.

All affiliates are vetted by hand.

Information is unlocked at one New Advocate referral. More information is unlocked at two new advocate referrals. An advocate is someone similar to an affiliate who can tag the referral to their own account, showing who makes the referral.

Four more information doors are unlocked as direct or indirect referred new advocates register themselves.

The seventh door has a wonderful surprise behind it.

At this point you are retired from the Affiliate Program.

There is no logical reason to continue inviting new advocates. It won’t make much difference one you enter the 8th Door.

Look at the Affiliate program as a short sprint not a marathon.

The record holder is 2 hours and 17 minutes.

What is happening is the AI that runs the rewards system collects timestamps for all your positive activity. Once the program ends for you through the Seventh Door, that record of timestamps is evaluated and it always factors in on distribution of pooled money in budgets.

Inviting two people to do the same should take 7 hours to at most 7 days. Put it behind you as it is a reward level bonus wen you are quick rather than putting the horse before the cart. To help them do the same completes your seventh door and there is where the game changes.

NEVER show anyone what is behind a door that they have not personally earned from the system.

Breaking a system only breaks you.